Complete Coffee Display and Snack Centre with Storage Like New!


We have a Nescafe commercial coffee display. These units were sold as part of a franchise and sold for about $30,000.00. We have one like new. We also have a Nescafe coffee dispensing machine that is only 4 years old (I do not own the coffee dispensing unit – it is free from Nescafe and they service it at their expense, providing you buy their product) and can be transferred to the new owner for $0. Nescafe will provide you with the dispensing equipment as long as you buy their coffee brand; available for example through Sysco foods. The unit includes a microwave, bar sink with hot and cold water, storage for cream, sugar etc and hot dog and hamuburger condiments. We are selling it with a 3 head slushy machine included. The unit also has multiple storage units below and overhead lighting. You would have to come and disassemble the unit and move it and sign up with Nescafe for the free coffee dispensing equipment. This is being sold for a third of what it is being sold for new and it is like new. Note: You could also change the coffee brand and sell your own brand of coffee. This unit is being marketed today as a “snack service area” and has multiple uses. It has multiple size coffee cup dispensers and lid dispensers built in.
Trades considered.
Please call or email. Do not text.

Product Price:$12,900.00