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Do you love every aspect of your business except sales?

Are you sick and tired of paying interest on merchandise that just collects dust? When your staff goes to a trade show do they think they're on holidays? Are you getting less than great results with your sales force? Do you find the whole sales process to be nothing more than a big headache??

If you answer yes to any of these questions...read on:

Selling shouldn't be a struggle.

Sales shouldn't be a struggle, in fact selling can be one of the most fun aspects of being in business. Selling is always fun...when you are closing deals.

So why am I having such a hard time?

The major reason is that many salespeople have only been trained on theory. Most can provide you with an excellent lap top computer presentation but have no idea how to bring an order in with a deposit cheque. There never will be a substitute for field experience.

In my experience sales results dramatically increase as soon as companies embrace the following fundamentals:

Field training by those who have been in the field

Direct communication between ownership and field sales without intermediaries

In my experience sales results dramatically increase as soon as sales professionals are reminded of the necessity of practicing the following fundamentals:

Strong work ethic

Effective prospecting skills

Real world selling skills

An honest sales presentation

Asking for the order


These ideas are not new. It is my opinion that they have been lost in the translation between theory and reality. Many sales managers can tell you why their sales force isn't bringing orders in while not being able to bring in orders themselves.

It's all about leading by example.

What do I need to do?

You need to take an honest look at your entire selling process. You need to devise a system to produce consistently excellent results. You need to recruit, interview, hire, train, motivate, direct, promote, and lead your staff.

This will take years of your time and will cost you thousands of dollars. Of course you can save yourself time, money, and aggravation and simply contact me.

Make one call today and begin to benefit tomorrow.

At productmover.com I know how to get it sold, fast. I have worked in sales management and sales for over 20 years so you can benefit. I have an extensive range of contacts across North America.

I personally guarantee that l will represent your products and services with the highest degree of professional integrity.

At productmover.com you will benefit by getting your products sold quickly.

I promise you results, not excuses.

My field sales experience will provide you with results.

My trade show techniques mean profitable results for your business.

20 years of selling and sales management means I've heard and done most things.

High motivation leads to great sales results for your business.

My ethical techniques result in referrals which lowers your customer acquisition cost.

You can be proud of the high standard of excellence I will bring to your sales transactions.

What areas of sales have you worked in?

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